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But when you can't get any faster ...

Work on your transition

Race Goals

You should have goals for every race you do, even training races. Write down the 2-3 things you would like to accomplish or learn today.

Things To Bring



 Running shoes (2 pairs if you have a late start time. One to leave in transition and one to warm up in)

 Race belt



 Training device (Garmin, Timex, etc.) & heart rate strap - Don't forget to charge them

 Body Glide


 Vaseline, powder, band-aids

 Blunt nose scissors for sticker origami

 Post-race, warm change of clothes

 Post-race recovery drink/snack with a 4:1 ratio of carbs vs. protein


Wake up early and eat 3-4 hours before your start time. Eat only familiar, easily-digestible foods (example: banana and a bagel with jam). Stop drinking fluids about 2 hours before your start time. Continue sipping as needed. Pee, pee, and then pee again (don’t worry, everybody pees in their wetsuit). Get to the race early to secure a good spot in transition. Ideally, this is a spot on the end of the rack close to the bike in/out. Make a mental note of landmarks to help you easily find your rack. Use a bright-colored towel so your area stands out…and be courteous. NO BEACH TOWELS! Leave the balloons at home – you will not make any friends if your balloon is tangled around someone else’s bike. Organize your gear in the order you will use it – run through transitions in your mind. Complete a good 10-15 minute running warm-up about 45 minutes before start time. Put on your wetsuit and hop in the water for a good swim warm-up 15-20 minutes before your start time. Be on the line 5-10 minutes before the gun. Remember that this is why you put in all those training hours. Believe in your training, do your best – and have fun!

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