Hello! I'm Olivier

A French plant-based triathlete en route to become an IronMan

About Me

A French guy speaking French with a British accent. And English with a French one. Husband, Dad (best in the world), and 🐶 Dog Owner. ☕ Coffee and Zwift addict. Remotely coached from Spain. A triathlete chasing a dream, becoming an IronMan (not the one who flies).

YOB: 1973
Club: Berkshire Tri Squad (member & webmaster)
Ambassador: Limar Helmet, Sundried, Primal Europe – check here for discount codes
Address: Bracknell, U.K.
Coach: PMT Crew, Spain



Elevation (m)


IronMan 70.3
Dorney Lake

How I Became a Triathlete

Young, I had asthma. Badly. So badly I’ve ended up in the hospital with tubes up my nose – or maybe throat – I can’t remember much.

Therefore, I didn’t go for endurance sports. I’ve chosen the one where I could control my effort and breathing: fencing, tennis, rowing, cycling (mainly to school and later on to work), skiing, and somehow swimming. Which helped a lot as France is surrounded by seas and oceans. With cycling and swimming I wasn’t far of being a triathlete, but at the time there was not such thing as triathlon – at least in France.

My asthma got better after long years of treatment, having tons of injections, and trips to Paris to a specialized hospital. But nevertheless, I’ve carried on with a few endurance sports as possible.

I did love sports. And after my ‘BAC’ (A-level) I went to pass some exams to enter a sports university: Bordeaux, Orleans, Montpellier. All required a good level in multiple sports and the competition was fierce. I remember passing a Volleyball test in Montpellier with one of the French team international youngsters. I didn’t get in. And studied electronics and maths instead (not brilliantly I have to say). Partying was far more interesting.

Anyway, I moved to the U.K. and decided to join the local volleyball club, MVC. Then played for Reading / Thames Valley and made my way up to the top of the national league. I was part of the creme de la creme. When we got relegated, I’ve decided my time was up and looked for something else to do.  One of my good friends in France was a triathlete, and I decided I would have a go at it. And never stopped since.


Plant-based and IronMan journeys

It’s fair to say I always look for a challenge. In 2017 I’ve entered my first middle distance triathlon (Castle series, Chantilly).

In 2019, on a very short notice, I did the RedBull Timelaps. Team of 4, and 25 hours of cycling in Windsor Great Park.

In 2020 I’ve started my plant-based diet journey, with some hiccups. And also – randomly – decided to do a Virtual Everest, spending 16 hours-ish in my garage, on my bike.

The next step could only be a full IronMan, which is planned for 2021 in the UK: the brutal events JurassicMan.

Dorney Lake
IronMan 70.3

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