Limar Helmet Ambassador

Limar has been racing the road of excellence for more than 30 years. They combine the Italian style with the most advanced technological research, offering the most performing helmets and glasses to all those sharing our passion for cycling.

The Astana Pro Cycling Team wears Limar helmets, taking wins all over the world. Many UK Pro Teams inc the Ribble Pro Cycling, Swift Carbon wear them too.

And myself 🙂

I have the Limar Air Speed I use with my road bike, saving me watts, and time in transitions with its magnetic buckle. l also own the Limar Air King I use with my time trial bike when I seriously need to get fast. And finally, I have the kick-ass DH5 that provides me full protection when I go crazy-is on my mountain bike, offering me full protection.

All three are extremely good and I highly recommend them, and that’s why I’m proud to be one of Limar’s ambassadors. Feel free to contact me for your 30% Limar discount code. Alternatively, check my Linktree bio for links and codes.

Limar Helmet Air King

Limar Air King

Limar DH5

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