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A plant-based triathlete
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About Me

Hello! I am Olivier (with two i).

A French guy speaking French with a British accent. And English with a French one. Husband, Dad (best in the world), and 🐶 Dog Owner. ☕ Coffee and Zwift addict. Remotely Coached from Spain. Chasing a dream: Become An IronMan (not the one who flies).

Event History

From sprints to half Ironman, with a few running events, Tough Mudder, virtual Everest, and Redbull Timelaps along the way, I’m getting ready to get a step further and complete an Ironman distance in the summer (2021). 



tough mudder


16 miles


half ironman

half marathon

bike events



redbull timelaps

Recent Recipes

Moving to a plant-based diet hasn’t been easy. I had to throw 40 years of traditional French cooking and start from scratch. I’m still learning, and will share some recipes as I evolve.

Dorney Lake

Olivier's 10 Tips & Tricks For Triathlon

I moved from (I would love to say pro but it wasn’t) the top British volleyball league to triathlon about 10 years ago. After a decade, I think I’m in a position to share some of my experiences in training and racing with you.


My Upcoming Challenges

The biggest challenge in 2020 (and most of 2021) has been the lack of races, at least real ones. Fingers crossed, my ‘A’ races for this year will be …

United Kingdom
Marlow Classic 70.3

United Kingdom
Blenheim Warrior

My Vlog

Still early days, a few videos on my Youtube page to kill the time if you don’t have Netflix.

My Top 10 events to date

1. IM 70.3 Les Sables d’Olonne

First edition in Les Sable d’Olonne with part of the swim being in the famous canal from the worldwide known boat race ‘Le Vendee Globe

2. Bananaman

A great event happening in my door steps. Although, going a bit downhill since Lidl removed their sponsorship.

3. Redbull timelaps

A tough challenge. 25 hours cycling in team of 4. Two attempts, one in real life and one in lockdown.

IronMan 70.3